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Additive for plastic, concrete and asphalt


Biochar-charcoal is used as a green additive
  Solution: Fixing negative carbon and turning it into a green additive, for the plastics, concrete, and asphalt industries

The use of BioChar as a biological additive has been proven to halve the weight, double the strength, and save financial costs so that plastic, concrete, and asphalt products are more competitive and economical for the industry. The combination of Biochar as an additive with polymers (plastic) has been shown to increase the strength of the plastic, and withstand higher temperatures.


Using Biochar as an additive prevents the growth of molds, or mildew. Biochar odor control properties are effective during the absorption of polymers and can actually reduce odors for a long time, once the manufacturing process is complete.

Because BioChar is an organic-based additive, a large percentage of organic matter can be added to polymers (plastics) and the negative impact on the environment can be reduced. Because BioChar is a green and renewable resource, dependence on oil-based consumption can be effectively reduced. Biochar production (rather than burning wood in the open air) reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The use of BioChar as an additive helps in making the products carbon negative.


A variety of efficient, environmentally friendly Biochar products can be produced, thus turning the negative aspects of carbon into positive ones.

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