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Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Biochar Israel - changing the future in the field of agriculture and the environment!

The use of Biochar Israel's premium products is leading the way to a positive revolution, from the farmer to the consumer's plate!


Scientific studies have proven the many benefits of using BioChar  in agricultural crops to include:


  • Improving soil fertility, and increasing yields per hectare.

  • The trapping of water and fertilizer in the vicinity of the root zone, and their release according to the requirement of the plant.

  • Superior and quicker plant growth, and the development of strong and healthy roots.

  • Prosperity and increase of microorganisms, and reduction of soil acidity.

  • Significant savings in water, fertilizer, and pesticide consumption resulting in the lowering of the production costs per hectare.

  • Organic Agriculture.

  • Desert Agriculture.


Biochar Israel is featuring and promoting the most advance BioChar manufacturing technology, and the premium products that will allow the farmer to invest in the soil, while reaping all the benefits for many years to come with a one time investment.

Certification and Academia

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Biochar & Carbonization

Beneficially Impact 12 of the UN SDGs


ביוצ'אר זכתה במקום הראשון בתחרות יוקרתית בינלאומית!!!

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חברת ביוצא'ר ארה"ב שאנו מייצגים ,זכתה במקום הראשון בתחרות בינלאומית יוקרתית  שנערכה בעמק הסיליקון . 500 חברות טכנולוגיות התמודדו בקטגוריה : "חברות בעלות אימפקט גלובלי"
אנו גאים להיות נציגים של חברה מובילה ,ופורצת דרך!

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Biochar in the US news

About us

After many months of research and due diligence as to the best company overall in the large scale production of both high quality BioChar as well as the manufacturing of the hardware and software to do so, not to mention immense practical “know how”, BioChar Israel, Ltd. took a strategic decision to partner with BioChar Now, LLC.

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Visits Biochar Now
Featured on the Discovery Channel

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