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Meet The Team


Keren-Or Mandell


Keren-Or has held positions as strategic adviser for a number of multi-national corporations and for the last 15 years was CEO of Quantum Medical Centre. She is a great strategist, organizer, and has good public relation skills. She is also very passionate and dedicated to the company's BioChar mission.

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Prof. Pinchas Mandell

President/Chief Scientist


Prof. Mandell has over 30 years of continuous experience in advanced engineering & physics research. Expert in the management and execution of bleeding edge engineering research & development programs involving the fields of electronics, physics, chemistry, energy medicine, clean renewable energy, telecommunication, advanced security technologies & systems, environmental clean-up technologies, rapid deployment low cost construction technologies, advanced water solutions (pioneer in the field of atmospheric water vapor processing technologies (Water from Air).


Dr. Udi Cantor M.D.

Environmental/Public Health Policy


Dr. Cantor is a specialist in General Surgery, Urological Surgery, and Trauma.  Head of both the Medical Policy Division & of the Care Safety Forum (and founder) at the Israel Medical Association (IMA). Director of the organ transplant unit Shiba Hospital (1978-1980), Instructor to Trauma Therapists – IDF Training Program, Director of the Trauma Unit, Haemek Hospital and also it's deputy director. Held many medical forum positions at the Ministry of health, and was senior medical adviser to Madanes; the largest medical liability insurance company. He was also Senior Medical Adviser to Quantum Medical Centre in Tel-Aviv.


Dr. Zvi Weinstein PhD

Advisory Board Member Green Sustainable Communities



During the period of 1978-2015 Zvi have has worked for the Ministry of Construction & Housing, Department of Project Renewal. His position was Project Renewal Coordinator, engaged in policy making, physical and social planning and consulting for the Project’s Headquarter and the Inter-Governmental Committee.

On the National level he led the activities for R & D, Physical and Social Strategic Planning, Building Partnerships between the Project’s Communities and the Business Sector, Citizen Participation in decision making policy, as well as of the Youth Build Israel program dealing with holistic vocational training and last but not least Project of Digital Gap.


Prof. David Michaeli M.D. PhD

R&D Medical Director


Worked for Quantum Medical Center for 10 years while also working at Belinson Hospital and for the last few years at Assaf Harofe Hospital as a neurosurgeon. He is also the original inventor of the MRI technology and the holder of many patents in the medical field. Dr. Michaeli is a pioneer in immune modulation therapy and it’s applications in treating Cancer as well as a number of neurological diseases. Dr. Michaeli is part of the BioChar Israel R&D team which is developing a number of new medical application involving Pharmaceutical grade BioChar.


Sir Prof. Ruggero Santilli

Senior Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. R. M. Santilli received the highest possible education in Italy, emigrated in the USA with his family in 1967 following an invitation from the University of Miami, Florida,to conduct research under NASA support, after which he was in the faculty of Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University under support from NASA, USAFOSR and DOE. From 1985 on, Dr. Santilli has been Professor of Physics and President of The Institute for Basic Research originally located within the compound of Harvard University and moved to Florida in 1989. Dr. Santilli became a U. S. Citizen in 1986. He is the author of 325 papers in mathematics, physics and chemistry published in refereed journals, has written 20 Ph. D. level monographs in various fields, the founder of three scientific journals and the editor of various journals.

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