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Manufacturing Process


Technology is based on a unique and patented furnace

BioChar Now uses custom-designed, patented furnaces with slow pyrolysis to manufacture its BioChar. The furnaces' unique multi-regional combustion airflow, negative pressure and recipe-driven computer controlled system allow each oven to independently produce consistent and high-quality BioChar.

Beetles kill trees or trees that are damaged by fire or other wood materials are shredded and loaded into the furnaces as a feed-stock.

Once the conversion is complete, the furnace is picked up by a tractor with a custom catcher, and transported to the crushing-filtration- and bag-filling workstation. Once the furnace tank is emptied, it moves to a filling station for a new load of shredded wood, before returning for further production.

A unique patent-pending, removable chimney converts smoke and chemical emissions into clean exhaust which exceeds the levels permitted by various state agencies throughout the United States.

Screenshot from 2022-08-09 12-20-16.png
BioChar Flow Chart 1.jpg

Portable furnace with lid and emission control stack


The BioChar Now site is organized with furnaces grouped around a power pole and then replicated to support the number of furnaces desired

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