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About Us

After months of research and due diligence as to the best company overall in the large scale production and industrial ready scalability of both high quality BioChar as well as the manufacturing of the hardware and software to do so, and immense practical “know how”, the BioChar Israel, Ltd. took a strategic decision to partner with BioChar Now, LLC and leverage the many achievements and milestones which it has reached over the past 11 years. These achievements include 16 issued patents, and certifications including ISO, US-EPA, USDA, CEPA (Canada), OMRI (Organic Certification), and Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. We also have the ability to offer and sell Carbon Credits. For this reason its the ONLY company in the world whose BioChar and Carbon Credits are insured by a major insurance company. To date, these achievements have not been reached by any other company in the world. This gives us first mover advantage.  


We are proud and honored to join with BioChar Now in expanding our consortium network of BioChar Manufacturing Facilities and building out our new BioChar Cash Carbon Credit Platform which will be a fully vertically integrated platform; from the manufacturing of high grade verified and certified BioChar made in proprietary Pyrolysis Kilns, to its inclusion on our own Carbon Credit Blockchain, and immediate settlement (payment) to the BioChar Manufacturer with BioChar Cash, a cryptocurrency backed by physical BioChar. Click HERE to read our Executive Summary 

BioChar Israel, Ltd.’s activities will include the immediate sale of the BioChar Now, LLC.'s product line produced at our partners manufacturing facilities in the USA into the Israeli market and to other parts of the world with special emphasis on the Middle East and Africa, as well as the manufacturing of equipment for setting up of production lines with various strategic JV partners all over the globe which will help build out and expand our planed BioChar consortium. The immediate sale of our partner’s production capacity will allow us to generate revenues from the start. BioChar Israel, Ltd. will also conduct R&D on the many other identified and still unidentified uses for premium grade BioChar as the raw material to be used in the fields of medicine, low cost construction material including a formulation which can be used for the rapid 3D printing of homes, low cost, non-toxic high density energy storage technology (Green Bio Batteries), and several other applications which are currently highly confidential.

Our Business Model Moving Forward


We will be leveraging the strengths of BioChar Now, LLC. in expanding into a consortium/network of JV partnerships worldwide for the production of Heat, Electricity, BioChar, Tar, Bio-Diesel, and Jet Fuel from waste wood (including contaminated waste wood), landfill organic waste, as well as from tens of millions of acres of dead trees (beetle kill timber) that needs to be cleared from forests to prevent devastating forest fires.


Being headquartered in Israel “The Start-Up nation”, we will leverage our excellent relations with the various government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Science & Innovation, etc… to receive grants, loan guarantees, as well as long term off-take contracts in the event that we succeed in making BioChar an inseparable part of the upcoming new national agriculture reforms currently being worked on. The Israeli government is showing great interest in BioChar and has a dedicated team of professionals that have been assigned to cooperate and collaborate with us.


Israel also has the added advantage of having the highest number of engineers & scientist per capita in the world spanning the whole spectrum of science & technology at a cost far lower than anywhere else; which will be a great asset to our R&D division.

We will setup our first manufacturing facility on a 500 acre plot of mostly forested land currently being secured for this project. We will also JV with municipalities in Israel to setup production sites at the landfills which comprise of 75% organic waste to be used as our feed-stock. In addition, we will off-take for a small tipping fee the over 1 million tons per year of agricultural crop waste now being burned or land-filled to produce a high-end proprietary organic compost fertilizer to be premixed with our BioChar to be sold to farmers.

Impacting Food Security in Israel

BioChar Israel intends to lead a positive socio-economic impact on the country: "We believe that a country's resilience and sustainability is based on food security, reasonable prices, and a local and independent supply chain!"

Our goal is to bring to the attention of farmers the many benefits inherent in our BioChar products.

We will help guide and advice each farmer individually and provide them with the optimal agronomic advice, in order to achieve the best possible desired results.

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