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Filtration and cleaning of oil and chemicals from contaminated soil


"Hydrocarbons and VOCs are trapped and fixed in BioChar."

Use of Biochar from Biochar Now by the oil and natural gas industries as a cost-effective method of complying with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's EPA.

To meet the requirements during drilling operations, and soil clearance of chemicals, and petrochemicals scattered on the surface of  "The infected area"  Biochar Now  is used to purify the soil. Hydrocarbons and VOCs are trapped and fixed in a capsule in our BioChar, and are broken down to non-toxic levels by bacteria found in the charcoal BioChar.

This process has been approved for many projects across the U.S. including in Texas by the Texas Railroad Committee.

Biochar Now's BioChar filtration process is used to purify water from wells. Our BioChar removes pollutants and allows clean water to flow.

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